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UVDI role in eliminating Covid-19

Computair would like to congratulate our partners, California-based UltraViolet Devices, Inc., on a truly ground-breaking achievement in the ongoing global battle against the coronavirus infection. On 11th March, UVDI announced that its V-MAX™ UV-C air disinfection technology was proven to eliminate 99.99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 – the primary viral strain causing COVID-19 – in moving…
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AHR Expo-Mexico

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been nearly a year since the first UK lockdown was declared due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Not much more than a month after our return from AHR Expo 2020 in Orlando, world-wide travel simply stopped. The time since then has been occupied in working from home, holding Zoom meetings…
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‘Good news’ message from our chairman

Our chairman, Ray Nottage, sent out a message to the team this week on the actual date of our 40th anniversary, and we thought it was worth sharing. 40 years ago this week, Nigel and I took the risky decision of starting a new company called Computair Ltd, with no product, in a market that…
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Celebrating 40 years of Computair

Computair is celebrating its 40th anniversary in November this year and to mark the occasion, we have gathered together some of the best memories, anecdotes and throwbacks to the technology of the 1980s. Take a look at our dedicated webpage by clicking ’40 years of Computair’ on the nav bar above, or see the link…
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Remember COBOL, FORTRAN, 6800..?

This isn’t necessarily ‘news,’ rather a quick look back down memory lane for anyone with an interest in programming history. We recently took a straw poll amongst the team to find what hidden programming treasures lay beneath our modern C++, C#, ASP, PHP, VB, Typescript and Javascript exterior. The results were fascinating, as was the…
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Impact of Covid-19 on working practices

Covid-19 has cut a swathe through normal working patterns, requiring great organisation, precision technology and hard work from IT support to enable teams to work from home with as little disruption to customers as possible. What’s interesting is how many of us are joining meetings from home. Where before there might have been 2 or…
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Adobe Flash retirement December 2020

The long-awaited retirement of browser support for Adobe Flash at the end of 2020 is now only a few months away. Many years ago, Flash was a widely-used format for multimedia interactive web content. However, it has long since been rendered redundant by the advances made in web standards, such as HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript,…
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4 decades of experience

In what we think is a very good news story indeed, later this year we will be celebrating Computair’s 40th anniversary. That’s 4 decades in the business, creating software solutions for the HVAC-R industry and building partnerships with clients which in some cases have lasted nearly as long. In the current difficult climate, we are…
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Response to Covid-19

Firstly, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well. We’re living in a situation that’s completely without precedent, and so we wanted to touch base and explain how we as a company are working within the parameters of the ‘new normal’. The safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers is…
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Chillventa 2020

We have reserved our booth, 4-507 in Hall 4, at Chillventa 2020 in the beautiful city of Nuremberg.