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fan coil selection software

Fan Coil Selection Software 

WinFCU and WebFCU

Powerful software designed for the fan coil unit manufacturer

Our fan coil unit (FCU) selection software provides a rapid means of preparing high quality, well-presented quotations and manufacturing instructions for fan coil units. Reports are generated in MS Word format, enabling the user to combine the quotation with other documentation and to modify the output as required.

We offer a configurable software package available either as a desktop or cloud-based system. The way in which the software operates is fixed, however the database makes the software very flexible.

Users can choose an FCU model and select the coil they want based on available options for that unit, then select the entering air and water conditions. Next the user runs a coil performance calculation, which gives leaving air and water conditions, cooling/ heating capacity and fan power consumption. The calculation can be based on the manufacturer’s interpolation of test results available and correction factors for the entering conditions.

The software operates in two ways, rating and selection:
Rating – calculates maximum performance for units chosen (via speed, sizes, coils) for a given set of conditions.
Selection – returns the units that are capable of performing the entered duty within the limits specified by the user.

Our fan coil unit software

– Standalone or web-based package
– Extremely fast, powerful and easy to use
– Compatible with all types of fans
– Unlimited number of fans configurable
– Tailored to your requirements
– Fully branded to your company
– Coil selections based on a DLL
– Water coils and glycol included as standard
– Refrigerant coils available as an option
– Add and update fans quickly and easily
– Tools included to add fan data
– Generates high quality, customised quotations, manufacturing instuctions        and other outputs
– Enables the user to make effective commercial and technical decisions on         which unit to select  

Available in either WinFCU or WebFCU versions


Fan coil rating and selection software for Windows. A mature program with users throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Quick and simple to setup and configurable to your specification, with built in support for Eurovent and AHRI certification.


A modern cloud-based version with all the features of our tried and tested WinFCU software. Inclusive of a brand-new front end which can be hosted on your server and integrated into your cloud infrastructure. Perfect for the manufacturer with a widely distributed sales force. PC- and tablet-compatible.

fan coil selection software

FCU software process

1. Splash screen

As the system is initiated, a boot-up dialog or ‘splash screen’ is displayed and replaced with our client’s logo and branding. 

2. Project details

This initial screen is where the selection commences and ends. The operator selects which range and configuration of unit is to be used as well as which sizes and speeds are to be considered.

3. Templates

Templates can be set up to provide default values and options for a selection for different consultants, customers or for standard settings for various applications.

7. Ancillaries and options

Once a suitable fan coil unit has been selected, the construction options and ancillaries can be selected and the software then returns to the initial ‘Project Details’ screen for the selection to be added to the quotation file.

8. Control valve schedule

The software includes a control valve facility to assist in the calculation of the correct valve for the heating and cooiling coil.

9. Calculation results

All the units permitted within the selection criteria are listed here for the user to select the unit they feel is most suitable with ‘Design’ and ‘Actual’ results displayed.

4. Selection

This screen enables the user to enter the cooling and/or heating design conditions against which the unit is to be selected.

5. Coil performance

There are two variants of the software. One uses a generic coil performance module, the other a database of performance values similar to those which might be found in a catalogue.

6. Fan performance

The volume/pressure performance data of the fan(s) within each unit will be held in amendable data files in a matrix type format of volume against pressure.

10. Costing

The costing is broken down into ‘Materials,’Control packages,’ ‘Extras’ and ‘Bought out items’ and each of these areas can be marked up separately, providing flexibility in your pricing policy. A report showing the breakdown of the costs is available.

11. Submittals

The reports will be based upon the examples supplied. Some customisation of the printout layouts will be made in order to give an individual look to the documentation. 



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