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The full range of Computair’s customisable HVAC-R software

Air Handling Units

WinTADS, a fully-integrated software program for the design, selection and manufacture of air handlers. 

WinTADS offers a range of AHU selection software options. WinTADS Lite, our entry-level program, caters for standard, pre-engineered AHUs. WinTADS Custom is designed for manufacturers of custom AHUs whilst WinTADS Manufacturing is our most advanced program, offering full manufacturing outputs and supporting even the most complex of custom requirements. There is no CAD training required for the user to produce 2D or 3D drawings in DXF or DWG formats. Eurovent certification and Revit feature are available.


WebFAN, a web-based application designed for fan and HVAC manufacturers.

WebFAN offers fan selection software for domestic, commercial and industrial fans, supporting even the most complex of custom fan arrangements. Whether it’s centrifugal, axial or crossflow, all fan types and sub types are supported. The software integrates easily into your existing web infrastructure and offers an intelligent UI to assist selection. Add in the latest HTML5/CSS3 techniques and AMCA fan affinity laws and the result is a powerful selection tool, flexible to user needs, easy to update with new fan data and fully company-branded.                                                  


WinCOIL and WebCOIL, a rating, selection and heat recovery software for manufacturers.

Our coil selection program is available both as a standalone or web-based package, but whichever you choose you’ll get the same advanced design, selection and rating capability. The software accommodates hot water, cold water, DX, steam, condenser and run-around coils. It offers a wide variety of tube sizes and geometries, with the possibility of adding different options on request. A wide range of refrigerants is available and the list is constantly expanding. The software supports AHRI, Eurovent and other certification.                                                                                                  

Walk in coldrooms

Coldstore Specifier, software for specifying and designing walk in cold rooms.

We created our software for the design and specification of walk-in coldstores and coolers in 3 versions: for manufacturers, independent constructors and dealers. Manufacturer’s Specifier is tailored to your manufacturing rules and processes, giving the user fast, accurate quotations, manufacturing drawings and other outputs without the need for CAD. Constructor’s Specifier was developed as a cut and shut package for design and costing, while our Sales/Dealer Specifier offers an easy-to-use program that is fully configurable to suit your product.                                                                                                                                 

Fan Coil Units

WinFCU and WebFCU, fast and powerful fan coil selection software for manufacturers.

Our FCU selection software provides a rapid means of preparing high quality, well presented quotations for fan coil units. Available as a standalone or web-based package, whichever you choose you’ll get the same advanced rating and selection capability. Use either a generic coil performance module or a database of performance modules. Coil selections are based on a DLL. Water coils and glycol are included as standard, with refrigerant coils available as an additional option. Includes built-in support for AHRI and Eurovent certification.                                                            

Spare parts

WebSpares, a web-based application creating a catalogue of spare parts unique to your product range.

WebSpares offers manufacturers the opportunity to create an off the shelf database of parts and assemblies from their product range. With WebSpares the user can drill down to one specific replacement part rather than ordering the whole product. Complete with image maps and the choice to set up either on your website or separately on your server, WebSpares also has a range of optional add-ons for coldrooms, fans and AHUs, as well as an e-commerce plug-in with shopping cart and a range of different payment methods.

Computair’s global reach

Computair is based in the attractive village of Toddington in the Bedfordshire countryside, from where we are able to support clients across the globe. We currently serve all countries shaded in blue, showing that there are no barriers to accessing world-leading software!

Our software currently supports eight different languages and this
can be expanded upon client request. So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can offer support in your chosen language. If you export products to other countries, enabling your people to use the software in their native language can really facilitate sales operations.

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Why choose Computair?

Formed in 1980 and still growing, we have developed a reputation for market-leading, bespoke technical software for the HVAC-R sector. We are based in Toddington near London, England, from where we work with clients all over the world.

Using our engineering background and knowledge, the software systems are customised to meet the exact requirements of the customer. The software is continually updated and enhanced as new technology becomes available. All Computair programmers are directly employed and we do not sub-contract to other companies, enabling us to keep quality control at the highest level.

Our suppliers list

Our renowned WinTADS AHU software utilises the most up-to-date vendors DLL/ web service for component selections. Some of the global component suppliers are listed below (please contact sales@computair.com to be added to, or removed from, our suppliers list):

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