Impact of Covid-19 on working practices

Impact of Covid-19 on working practices

The empty car park during Covid-19

Covid-19 has cut a swathe through normal working patterns, requiring great organisation, precision technology and hard work from IT support to enable teams to work from home with as little disruption to customers as possible.

What’s interesting is how many of us are joining meetings from home. Where before there might have been 2 or 3 locations in a web meeting, now there may be as many locations as there are participants, with the increased likelihood of someone’s home broadband having problems. Children, pets and doorbells are also more likely to punctuate the soundtrack of a meeting, often with an anarchic disregard for the formal agenda! While we’re all learning the value of the mute button to cut out background noise when we’re not speaking, many of us also forget to turn it back on when necessary and discover that we’ve been speaking to ourselves for a couple of minutes.

At Computair, we have been talking to customers via Skype, Zoom and for many years. It’s an important part of how we do business, being able to share screens and walk through our programs with clients who are located across the globe. That we have been able to continue working remotely with no impact on our customer communication is due in no small part to the ingenuity and commitment of our IT team behind the scenes.

As the dust settles, it will be interesting to see the long-term impact on how industry operates, and if this marks the start of a lasting culture change. What will never change here at Computair is our belief in the importance of face-to-face contact. As soon as we can do so safely, we will be going back to visiting our clients around the world as part of our partnership with them, always with the focus on delivering the best service that we can.