Computair sponsors youth football app

Computair sponsors youth football app

We’re pleased to report that Computair has become a sponsor for an exciting project helping youth football in the Milton Keynes and District Development League.

Pitch finder

CSP UK is responsible for creating Fixture List Planners for 150 mini, junior and soccer development leagues in both England and Wales. The organisation produces The Pitch Finder Handbook and, in addition to its website, also offers an app, The CSP UK Pitch Finder, which enables parents and carers to locate the pitches where fixtures are to be held.

Increase in number of youth players

According to CSP UK, the number of children signing up for youth football, and particularly the number of girls, has increased significantly now we are in our first truly post-Covid year (2022/23).  A lot of credit for the latter must lie with the success of the Lionesses in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, which gave women’s football such a boost in visibility.

Mental and physical health benefits

We often hear that modern children are glued to screens and spend all their leisure time online, so it’s heartening to know that young people are returning to active sport. The physical health benefits of an active lifestyle are well known, but as important are the mental health benefits of regular exercise: happier mood, better sleep, improved self-esteem and feeling of wellbeing, social opportunities, better management of anxiety and stress.

Supporting youth sport

Any sport is only as good as its grass roots, however, and needs a steady stream of new recruits and the retention of existing players and officials to ensure its long-term future. The CSP UK Pitch Finder plays a role, enabling families and carers to locate the pitch and navigate their way with clear and detailed directions, alleviating stress and freeing up time to calm pre-match nerves!

The team at Computair wants to support youth sport because healthy habits formed early are often lifelong. We liked the simple but clever technology of the Pitch Finder app, and for this reason we’re proud to be associated with CSP UK and their work to make football easily accessible for all (especially the anxious parents in the driving seat…!).