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selection results dialog thumbnail Computair "WinCoil" is a coil selection program that has been designed with the coil manufacturer in mind. It allows the user to configure the system with fundamental design details, heat transfer data and costing information. Coil configurations can be added to, deleted or altered as required.

As with all Computair custom software, the application can be configured to include the coil types manufactured by your company. Typical coil types include heating, cooling, steam, DX, hot water run around and cold water runaround.

psych chart display thumbnail Varying authority levels allow factory, salesman and customer versions of the program. The selection and costing DLL's can be used by third party selection software.

All viable selections are listed to allow the operator to select the most technically and commercially suitable. The design and actual rating results are simultaneously displayed to aid the operator in their decision.

Full psychrometric validation and theoretical cooling curve generation are incorporated within the program. Mixed conditions and thermodynamic processes are included.

A wide range of refrigerants are supported in our evaporator coil and condenser coil selections. We at Computair are committed to add new refrigerants as required and work hard to keep up to date with industry standards and trends.

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