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Active since 1980.

Computair has been the original innovator of HVAC software since its inception in 1980 and continues to improve and expand the business of our clients cementing our status as a global leader of this sector.


Web site

Computair announced the release of their ‘new look’ corporate website. As part of our ongoing web activities we periodically revamp our website in line with the current design practice of the time. You’re looking at it and we hope you like it!


Computair announce a new enhancement to their web-fan software for manufacturers who provide variable width fan solutions.

The addition to our proprietary fan selection algorithm allows fans to be selected with an operating point on or close to the peak static efficiency slope by adjusting the wheel width. In a world where efficiency is becoming more important this helps drive down running costs and gives the fan manufacturer a definite sales edge on their competitors.

fan dll

Computair announce a new enhancement to their web-fan software that allows for the creation of a ‘fan DLLs’ with just one click! This exciting new feature allows web-fan users to easily create fan dll’s and a web-service of their fan inventory.

These can then be used by air handler design software to include our client’s fans. For some this really opens up some new sales opportunities

New web based cold-room software developed
Advanced Sound

Computair are the leading global supplier of cold-room design and selection software.

Using the findings of our ongoing web R+D, we have now introduced a web based cold-room design software package.

Advanced sound calculations
Advanced Sound

Computair implement AMCA 301 (14) Sound calculations into their fan software.

Accurate sound measurements are becoming increasingly important in fan selection software.

We now include AMCA 301-14 calculations which allow calculated sound across the octave spectrums to 0.1 dBm.

China/UK Teams hold training summit
China UK Teams

In the summer of 2016 our Chinese team came to our United Kingdom offices for our regular training summit.

We hold regular team summits for our Chinese and UK teams to get together and provide training to each other so we can best serve our Chinese customers.

Began consultancy to EC motor manufacturers
EC Motors

EC Motors are playing an increasingly large part in HVAC fan solutions due to the efficiency savings they provide

We have now started to provide web consultancy in this area.

First started exhibiting at CRH in China
CRH16 Beijing

In March 2016 Computair exhibited at the CRH exhibition in Beijing for the first time.

This is just the latest step in the Computair desire and commitment to the Chinese HVAC market.

Computair release Web-Pump
AHR Orlando

Computair are proud to announce a new product for pump selection - 'Web-Pump'.

Based on the successful Web-Fan product, Web-Pump uses similar flow calculations for pump selection.

Web-Fan software extended with advanced array/wall functions
AHR Orlando

The web based Computair Web-Fan program is probably the most advanced in the world.

We are continually updating its functionality and in February introduced the new multi-plenum, fan array/wall module.

Computair exhibit latest developments at AHR Orlando USA
AHR Orlando

In January 2016 Computair exhibited at the AHR exhibition in Orlando USA.

Computair remain the leading HVAC software supplier to the USA HVAC market.

Computair introduce real-time web 3d graphics
3D HVAC software

Computair use 3D graphics in their design and selection software to improve visualization

As part of our ongoing web R+D project we released our first real-time, web based 3D graphics engine.

Introduced support for Windows 10


Produced the advanced web based Fan selection software Web-Fan


Began major R+D activities for web based HVAC-R products


Began operations serving China
Began support for Windows 8


Began producing web based fan-coil software


Began producing web based coil software


Began support for Windows 7


Added Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to cold–room software


Moved to offices at Crowbush Farm


First multilingual program using Chinese Hanzi


First implementation of 3D graphics into our products


Began support for Windows XP


First web project


First software to assist with regulatory compliance


Began support for Windows 95


Moved key developments to C++


Began operations serving the US and Canadian markets


Produced the first commercially available Cold room/Walk in design software package


Began operations serving Middle East


Changed technology Windows 3.1 and Visual Basic


First Fan-Coil software selection package


Changed technology to PC/MSDOS and BASIC


Produced first Coil design & selection software package


Produced first Air Handler design & selection software package
Company started

Why pick Computair?

A few words.

  • Formed in 1980. The market leader of bespoke technical software for the HVAC-R sector.
  • Proven software used globally throughout the HVAC-R industry.
  • Based on our technical background, the software systems are customised to meet the exact requirements of the customer.
  • The software suite is continually updated and enhanced as new technology becomes available.
  • All Computair programmers are directly employed and we do not sub-contract to other companies enabling us to keep quality control at the highest level.

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